Frankie Shaftain-Fenner (she/her/they)

Frankie is a filmmaker from Colchester, Essex. In August 2021 she graduated with a 2:1 from the Digital Film Production (BA Hons) degree at the University of Suffolk. She was also featured in the University prospectus and has a profile on their website. She has mostly worked on documentaries, but also some experimental films and drama shorts.

In June 2021 Frankie was featured in charity Mermaid's Pride Month film, showcasing a range of gender diverse youth. See the full video here!


Award of Recognition: Best Shorts Competition 2021 for Pronouns in Bio (Short Film)

Official Selection 20 Years of CRASSH Film Festival 2021 for It Costs Nothing to Be Nice

Gold Award, Creative Conscience for Homeless in Colchester

Highly Commended Certificate, Design Museum Student Awards, for Homeless in Colchester

Bronze Award, Creative Conscience for Autumn at The Oak Tree Farm

Autumn at The Oak Tree Farm

Roles: Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Colourist

Format: Documentary, 20 mins, 2021

The Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm is a Community Supported Agriculture Scheme run in Ipswich. The aim of the farm is to reconnect farmers and the local community to the land where their food is grown, without using any chemicals in the process. In exchange for volunteering at the farm, the produce grown is shared out equally in the weekly ‘veg boxes’.

Inspired by the documentaries of filmmakers such as Agnes Varda and Nikolaus Geyrhalter, this film documents The Oak Tree Farm in a slow-paced, naturalistic way.

The film documents the people who run the farm, as well as those who volunteer there, during the Autumn of 2020. Many areas of the farm are shown, including the range of vegetables produced, the farm’s chickens and the eggs they provide.


Roles: Director, Director of Photography, Editor

Format: Avant Garde, 8 mins, 2020

Inspired by the Avant Garde films of Maya Deren, this short film explores the idea of a ‘dream sequence’ that Maya often employed.

A man submerges into a bath and dreams of another world, where time moves slowly but clocks move quickly. After walking aimlessly around this dream world, he awakes, gasping for air as he almost drowns.

Frankie directed, shot and edited the film during the mid-2020 COVID lockdown in and around her house and hometown with help from family and friends.

All the music was played by Frankie on her ukulele. She also recorded foley and used pre-recorded sound effects to complete the soundtrack.

Decline & Decay:
Unused Buildings In Colchester Town Centre

Roles: Director, Director of Photography, Editor

Format: Documentary, 15 mins, 2018

Inspired by ‘urban exploration’ videos of the abandoned buildings in Colchester’s town centre, Frankie created this documentary piece to share the stories of these once thriving buildings.

Featuring a mix of interviews with Colchester veterans and members of the public, she documented the history and possible future of these familiar landmarks.

The film focuses on the Priory Walk/Queen's Street area where the Keddies' store (abandoned since 2006) was recently demolished, along with the cinema in Crouch Street which has been left abandoned since 2002.

Perhaps the most iconic of all and seen by residents for miles around is Jumbo, a rare Victorian water tower left unused since 1997, which is now stuck in a loop of denied planning permission and decay.

Siren Festival 2021

Roles: Young Producer, Video Editor, Event Photographer, Livestream Camera Operator

Format: Three "talk show" style Livestreams with pre-recorded video segments

On 25th September 2021, Siren Festival 2021 took place. It featured 16-25 year-olds from all backgrounds and abilities, whom ran three livestreams over YouTube and Facebook. These featured live music, pre-recorded video content and talk-show style discussions of environmental issues effecting the youth of today.

The streams covered subjects including cooking vegan food, using reusable bottles, reusable soap dispensers, upcycling clothes and reducing water consumption when gardening.

Photos taken throughout Siren Festival 2021 livestream event by Frankie.


An updated showreel which showcases Frankie's skills with camera operating and composition. Working mostly within a documentary style, she has produced films for a range of clients including UK charities St Helena's Hospice and Cancer Research UK.

While Frankie is mostly a cinematographer, she is used to filming with small crews and sharing out roles; she can also edit, sound mix and colour grade in a range of software, including Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer and DaVinci Resolve.